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Rumours are rumours - Gitler lives on and is currently producing weapon's in Iraq - it's not Saddam!
We have seen gitler testing his new weapons on innocent shazniks. Eggrabi says we must destroy evil gitler.

Turbeck is having the frogs for dinner on friday!
Turbeck is making a statement about selfishness in wopit. He is joining with the frogs to initiate a new NGO called "Warfarin". He has been inspired by a poem so called and intends to help shazniks like himself who have no friends. Watch this space. "Turbeck's rebellion could lead to a cultural revolution." says economist P.J. Onion.
Here is the poem about which we are talking:


Fruitfully relinquishing reigns of power,
And calculatingly interpreting the distasteful shower,
Of man and creature which roam the earth,
Become a new feeling of frogspawn at birth

They admire the breeze but need it not
For they have the power to accomplish the lot,
They steal the seas and capture the air,
For life’s own promise soon to be theirs.

The ass of being to please their environs,
Lives with decay to the search of horizons
Searching for reasons beyond their control,
Never to bypass the opening toll.

But can they comprehend the moving tides,
Or vanquish the power of hate with their minds?
Firm grip originated from life’s true meaning
This as we find will never escape us.
Spoilt by ignorance, before the end,
We must not ourselves for these secrets commend.

C..J. Togger, London, 1941

Githead has written a new poem to his darling Gitette!

Profit, wire, and other offers,
Hiding in France to scrape the bees.
The vermin that lie amidst the coffers
Are busted again – and so from lees,
The mountains observe a rush of force,
And hide in the marsh below the plain.
What to do? He cries in remorse.
Remember the days of turpentine rain,
And crown somewhere a newfound hope.
The crocus can spell, smell and bleed.
But putridly tears and words of rope,
Change it here, or grind the greed.

Gitler, Wopitville, December 2002

Shaznik weather - depends on where you are. There's rain near Shazbot's dwelling and sun where gitler is said to live.