3 Years of Shazniks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome 2 shazniks homepage!!!

Yes this is the official shazniks website and it has lots to offer. From turbeck to githead, from pilcock to eggrabi. All of these are on the site. Keep an eye out for the musical band,"three ugly Shazniks" With their new hit coming out in september

If you think I'm weird, look at them!
Shazniks have taken the world by storm and do not plan to stop there

You can be a shaznik if you really want to!
The Shazniks have made planet earth much more aware of their interplanetary Friends and foes and have decided to stop squabbling over countries and to start thinking about getting involved with other planets and their inhabitants.

Don't leave the shazniks because they will live forever!

Shaznik is the king of the tribe. He and hundreds of other Shazniks will be added to the website shortly. This website is just in the development stage. The Shaznik above (and on the photo page) is the cousin of King Shaznik III. This site will be very big. Be the first to recommend it to others!
I must stress that this site is under development and is not yet complete. Return to this website in a few weeks and you will be amazed.
Congratulations for visiting this site. It is incredible and when you begin to understand the power of the shazniks, you will realise that you have encountered the most powerful cartoon ever known to man!

Shazniks have succeeded!

This is King Shaznik the 3rd on the computer!!!!!

July 15th is the day of the opening of the new gallery!

There's more...
There have been previous tribes of these amazing creatures, the tikkarraks were the first of the tribes. They were conquered by the rink civilization which has recently changed its name to the shazniks. There is a story behind all this
Once upon a time, in the land of wopit, lived a tribe of 2d creatures. They had no point, except to take over the entire universe. But they decided to be friendly instead. They befriended the earthlings and between them, they made a new dual super-power. The Shazniks are extremely odd shapes by adaptation to their strange planet and won the award for, "Coolest being in the universe" 25 years running.