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Contains Shaznik, Turbeck, Githead, Pilcock, eggrabi, Gendoth, bouncy Mingle, Shazbot, techno shaz, carbuncle and gubble. There are two new animations on this page, one is a battle between shazbot and techno shaz, the other is about the brand new shaznik called gubble. There is an animation of sokotale smoking his mill splif on the comments page. The second battle will be available to view (or download) within the next week. Remember that all of these animations are progressing to the first ever shazniks episode!!! This may not be ready for a matter of months.

Flashing Githead!!!

This is bouncy mingle, SPLAT!!

Turbeck the loner

Pilcock the evil shaznik

The three Ugly Shazniks. Wikid!!!

This is gubble the newest shaznik!

More animations coming soon! Shazniks 4 ever!!!